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Profile pillow. - orthopedic pillow. STANDARD 60x33x7.5/10

Profile pillow for sleeping made of polyurethane foam size 60x33x7,5/10 cm, jersey cover - 100% cotton, zipped
72,88 zł

Baby pillow SMARTKlin, 40x36

SMARTKlin pillow is one of four representatives of this type of pillows in our offer. Made of thermoplastic foam the pillow will fit the child like a tailor-made one. The SMARTKlin infant pillow measures 40x36.
97,07 zł

Baby pillow KLIN Air 60x36

The KlinAIR baby pillow measures 60x36 and is designed for the crib.
82,98 zł

Baby pillow KLIN Air 36x36

The 36x36 KlinAIR baby pillow is suitable for almost any stroller carrycot.
69,22 zł

Baby pillow MEMO, 50x26

The Memo pillow eliminates the problem of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly and is made of Memory Foam thermoplastic foam. the baby pillow measures 50x26 cm.
73,94 zł

Pillow for infants AERO3D, 37x57

The AERO 3D pillow eliminates the problem of plagiocephaly and brachycephaly.
93,23 zł