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Starting from the design phase through the selection of raw materials and the production of each article , before aesthetics and functionality , it is safety is a major determinant of our actions. We use materials have undergone multiple tests and tests that explicitly ruled out the presence of hazardous chemicals and harmful dyes. Materials and thread, which we use to produce our collections , as well as finished products have received many positive reviews and certifications International Research Institutions , such as :

  1. Oeko - Tex Standard 100 - it is a world-leading safety mark awarded by the members of the International Association for Research and Development of Textile Ecology Öko- Tex. Oeko -Tex fabrics are designated free from harmful substances in concentrations that adversely affect the conditio human health , including, as well as pesticide compounds , formaldehyde and heavy metals. The pH corresponds to the pH of the materials tested on human skin-- I ( first class ) dedicated security products with a direct contact with the face of the baby.
  2. Certificate PZH- National Institute of Public Health National Institute of Hygiene confirming the safety of the raw materials used for their chemical composition and attesting to the absence of any risk arising from the use of our products.
  3. Human Friendly - This certificate guarantees compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements posed fabrics and the fabrics by the Polish Institute of Textiles.
  4. This certificate confirms compliance with standards and technical standards of Ukraine. Obtaining this certificate is proof that Matex brand products also meet the stringent safety requirements for countries outside the European Union.
  5. Gold Certificate of Reliability
  6. Bio- PRÜF - that mark the products are made ​​of materials designed using advanced technology, Bio- PRÜF , which prevents the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the product , as well as in areas where these products are used .
  7. MATEX participating in the National program RELIABLE FIMA has established and applies professional standards in their operations. Based on ratings provided continuous verification of the company , the certificate confirms the high reliability of the highlighted entity and maintain the highest quality of customer service.
  8. All products are protective mattress brand MATEX KUNERT® having a waterproof PVC layer dignified with the EU Directive - are free from all sorts of chemical compounds from the group of salts and esters of phthalic acid .
  9. Safe for Children - issued by the Institute of Textile certificate confirms that used for the production of the brand BabyMatex Raw materials are safe and gentle to the skin thus confirming the behavior of all European standards during the production of children .

About us

We are one of the leading manufacturers of bedding. We are constantly monitoring the quality of our products, so we guarantee that they will meet the expectations of even the most exacting customers. We offer high quality Bedding Sets, Flat and Fitted Sheets, Mattress Protectors and Pillowcases. We are offering also a gorgeous and well-made Blankets, Bedspreads and Decorative Pillows. Our offer was expand with articles for the hospitality industry.

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